But where do you buy your bras?

One day I threw away all of my VS/PINK clothing. No, I didn’t sell them on a Facebook Buy, Trade and Sell page. Yes, I literally put them in the trash. You might be confused and wonder why someone would throw away a $60 hoodie and a $30 pair of yoga pants, right? Let me help you understand my reasoning.

When I first began shopping at those stores I was about 17 years old.  I remember envying all the popular girls who wore yoga’s and hoodies partly zipped down with nothing but their bombshell bra underneath.  The reasons I started wearing their clothing later on in my teenage years was partly because I could barely afford a bag of chips from the vending machine at school and partly because I was insecure of my body. “Maybe if I avoided the gray colored pants and wore only black then I would hide my cellulite”. “Maybe if I wore medium instead of large my butt would look better and more guys would give me attention and more girls would be my friend”. I even bought a coral pink colored pair of sleeper pants that you could see my underwear through. Until these two boys told me they could see my underwear I had no clue. That didn’t stop me from wearing them because the next remark was a compliment from a girl who said she really liked them. How sad of a life to live controlled by insecurities and other’s opinions.

As the year aged, my wardrobe seemed to mature. No, the leggings and yoga pants weren’t in the trash just yet. Victoria Secret was still a store I idolized until I was transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Slowly, the Holy Spirit began a deep renovation in me. No longer did I dress the same, act the same or even talk the same. I started wearing loose shirts with longer backs to cover my behind (although there were days I still sported the booty pants and hoodies).

Soon and shortly after, I was honored with an engagement that lasted 8 months until I married a man of God, the man of my dreams. Trying my best to keep free from lust was when I decided in my heart to stop buying clothes from VS. I justified wearing only their bras and panties for a few months until the coupons and advertisements started appearing in my mailbox. If that’s not free pornography delivered to your front door then I don’t know what is.

Now as a young wife and mother, I choose to continue in my personal strike against this main stream, free porn retail store (harsh, I know). How could I support a company that belittles, idolizes and destroys the image of God through women? When my husband gets the mail in the morning I don’t want a woman with just a bra and lace trimmed thong on to be the first thing he sees. We have a son to raise and train to know purity isn’t a set of boundaries, it’s a mind-set.

As holidays and birthdays come to pass I don’t want my husband entangled in a store with flashing lights of naked women and temptation. In this “me” pleasing generation we have to protect our marriages and build hedges against the sin and lust of the flesh and eyes. Jesus says in Matthew 5:28, “But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart”. My convictions may not be your convictions but just because something doesn’t bother you doesn’t mean it shouldn’t.


    1. Very good reading the Nicole. I enjoyed it. I’m very proud you get the picture. And they’re helping others to get it. Love always Uncle Bill

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  1. Great job! It’s true, it’s free porn….if you’ve ever known a man that struggles with pornography, when being completely honest he will tell you these catalogs and advertisements are temptations drawing them back to old habits and addictions!

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