Grace Church

Hey fellas and ladies! This is a short blog my husband referred to as a “blurt”. Def using that from now on! Anyways, I wanted to shout out my home church, Grace Church. We launched a little over 6 months ago and I must say we are exceeding most statistics, expectations and prayers! The senior pastor, Ryan Nissley and his wife, Shayna Nissley, are nothing short of selfless, God-loving and people reaching. You see, when I first was introduced to the Gospel in a real and lasting way, they were my pastors. New Hope Youth Group 2010/2012. 17-18 year old Nicole. Lured in by a man named Reggie Dabbs during a high school assembly bringing awareness to bullying and how he overcame the hurt and abandonment in his life. When you get the chance, look him up. His testimony is life saving, literally. Look at me! (testimony to come)

So far Grace has held continual prayer meets, women/men outings and connect groups from people’s homes. They have a huge youth group pastored by Kyle and Brooke Wentzel, who were once my leaders in Youth Group. I can only imagine the fun, powerful services they have! To be 17 again… not! (lol) Being the church to a broken world yet also a safe place for the saved deserves some serious recognition. So this is my shout out, or my blurt, to everyone involved in Grace. THANK YOU! For the setting up and taking down every Sunday. For the amazing worship. For the convicting yet encouraging messages preached. For the connection being created in the family of God. For the prayers and sacrifices. For the children’s ministry helping to mold my son. Most appreciated though, the OBEDIENCE. Thank you so much for ALWAYS choosing the heart of Jesus for His church and children. We love you!

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