Valentine’s Day in NYC 2020

My husband surprised me on Christmas with tickets to NYC for 3 days in February for Valentine’s Day. It was the cutest thing and all our family was just as surprised as me!

My dream to visit NYC started when I was a young girl after watching the Coyote Ugly movie. (I wouldn’t recommend that movie for a young girl) Of course I had to rewatch it while being in NYC though.

We walked the freezing cold streets while eating 99 cent slices of NYC pizza, took Lyft everywhere until the NYC traffic almost gave me a heart attack. Literally. If you’ve driven there then you know what I’m talking about. It is not for the weak!

My favorite night was getting lost in the Subway after dining at a French restaurant (my favorite food!) called The Dirty French. I dressed up in a red dress and over the knee black velvet boots. I felt like we were in a movie! After 2 hours we finally made it back to our hotel, Park Central.

Before our Valentine Dinner at the Dirty French
My Forever Valentine 😍
A cheesy bread appetizer

While trying to find our way back to the hotel traveling the Subway we listened to live music, donated to homeless people and created lifetime memories. Being in an unknown area with strangers all the while being lost was a bit overwhelming, but I loved every minute!

Captured this while waiting for a train. Probably the wrong train but hey! It led me to getting this picture.

We visited the 9/11 memorial, the Empire State Building, ate more good food and had lots of hot coffee while walking through the city that never sleeps.

9/11 Memorial
Empire State Building
So windy and cold but such a beautiful sight.
Brunch for a king and queen

More vibes

We also visited a museum that had a library I wanted to rob. It was stunning! I swear I have an old soul. If I could, I would live in a home with a courtyard, huge library and garden.

Name a more beautiful sight.
The detail. The art. Give people of today this type of creativity!
Who can do this to my Bible for me? Lol

My overall experience in NYC was memorable. I enjoyed every moment, every bite and every kiss with my dream guy making my dreams come true!

I love you

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