Decorating our Master Suite

Sunset of my soul

Let me start by saying I love to decorate!

When decorating, there’s a few things that I do.

I impulse buy and return.

I wait too long to decide what I want.

I find something I love then I look at the price tag and it’s beyond my comprehension so I pass. (Hints, the reason I take so long to decide!)

I see something that has a heavy price tag and wait until I can find something similar for less.

I wait for something to go on sale.

Or I just break and end up buying it (typically on Amazon) because nothing else is satisfying the design in my head.

Typically it’s the latter of the list. And my husband knows it.

Back to my decor! Here are a few pics I took while doing it.

My guy ❤️
Charlie waiting for me to be done taking pictures so he can sleep on our bed

Bed frame (around $200), end tables ($50 each) and duvet cover and shams ($30) from Amazon.

Picture ($40) is a screen shot from one of Lauren Daigles Instagram stories I uploaded to SmallWoods and designed.

Standing mirror is from Homegoods (on clearance for $90)

Now you see my room! I’m still slowly designing it. Dreaming up an accent wall idea 💡 I’ll be sure to post more updates as they’re done!

By Nicole Kish

Hi 👋🏻 My name is Nicole and I love French press coffee without cream or sugar, French macarons (not macaroons) and rosemary cooked in just about everything. My husband and children make me a better woman and my two Boston terriers, Grace and Charlie, too! I love the way God’s Word comes to life when we live it. I’ve dedicated my life to learning how to walk with God daily through my marriage, motherhood and ministry. Follow my blog to see how I do it!

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