Bird Cage Moss Planter

Getting crafty with old things.

This planter project was self inspired. I haven’t seen one before so I had to get creative with it!

I’ve had this bird cage since my wedding that we used in place of a card box. I didn’t want to hide it away in the garage anymore but I needed to find just the right spot for it.

I chose to display it on my entry way table. It adds just the right amount of texture and color.

Peep Jesus ♥️

I used a real Croton plant from Aldi for $5, a kids bowl to prop it up higher and a medium sized bag of natural moss from HomeGoods for $6.

Decorating doesn’t always have to be expensive!

Real Croton plant
Natural faux moss
Bird cage and kids bowl with first layer of moss

I love the way it turned out. Creating this myself with no inspirational photos to go off of makes me proud. I’m not your typical crafty person, but that may change after this project!

Stay tuned for a floral and greenery craft for this sun hat!

Let me know what you think in the comments! 😃

By Nicole Kish

Hi 👋🏻 My name is Nicole and I love French press coffee without cream or sugar, French macarons (not macaroons) and rosemary cooked in just about everything. My husband and children make me a better woman and my two Boston terriers, Grace and Charlie, too! I love the way God’s Word comes to life when we live it. I’ve dedicated my life to learning how to walk with God daily through my marriage, motherhood and ministry. Follow my blog to see how I do it!

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