Bird Cage Moss Planter

This planter project was self inspired. I haven’t seen one before so I had to get creative with it!

I’ve had this bird cage since my wedding that we used in place of a card box. I didn’t want to hide it away in the garage anymore but I needed to find just the right spot for it.

I chose to display it on my entry way table. It adds just the right amount of texture and color.

Peep Jesus ♥️

I used a real Croton plant from Aldi for $5, a kids bowl to prop it up higher and a medium sized bag of natural moss from HomeGoods for $6.

Decorating doesn’t always have to be expensive!

Real Croton plant
Natural faux moss
Bird cage and kids bowl with first layer of moss

I love the way it turned out. Creating this myself with no inspirational photos to go off of makes me proud. I’m not your typical crafty person, but that may change after this project!

Stay tuned for a floral and greenery craft for this sun hat!

Let me know what you think in the comments! 😃


Decorating our Master Suite

Let me start by saying I love to decorate!

When decorating, there’s a few things that I do.

I impulse buy and return.

I wait too long to decide what I want.

I find something I love then I look at the price tag and it’s beyond my comprehension so I pass. (Hints, the reason I take so long to decide!)

I see something that has a heavy price tag and wait until I can find something similar for less.

I wait for something to go on sale.

Or I just break and end up buying it (typically on Amazon) because nothing else is satisfying the design in my head.

Typically it’s the latter of the list. And my husband knows it.

Back to my decor! Here are a few pics I took while doing it.

My guy ❤️
Charlie waiting for me to be done taking pictures so he can sleep on our bed

Bed frame (around $200), end tables ($50 each) and duvet cover and shams ($30) from Amazon.

Picture ($40) is a screen shot from one of Lauren Daigles Instagram stories I uploaded to SmallWoods and designed.

Standing mirror is from Homegoods (on clearance for $90)

Now you see my room! I’m still slowly designing it. Dreaming up an accent wall idea 💡 I’ll be sure to post more updates as they’re done!


Cricut Welcome Sign Made With Old Weathered Wood

I was walking my dog the other day and someone had thrown out this old board. I looked at it and immediately knew I wanted to make something from it.…

Cricut Welcome Sign Made With Old Weathered Wood

Naked Lady

Yup, you read that right!

We moved into our new home this year and I have slowly been decorating. Slowly, because I want the right things in the right places.

I came across this line art on Etsy that was eye catching while scrolling. After adding it to my cart and seeing the price I was hesitant to complete my purchase. “$80 for this!”, I thought. “I can paint that”. So I did.

I will admit that I have an elementary level stick man as my person when it comes to drawing with my kids. I can’t even draw that straight! So if I can do this, you absolutely can!

Here’s the original I mimicked. After choosing the bigger size and with shipping it was roughly $80!
Here’s my take at it! Canvas and paint are from Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon!
See what I mean. Can’t even draw a straight line! Thankfully it’s not noticeable once it’s up.
Here is the finished project! For a small fraction of the price.

I love raw, real beauty. As a woman, it’s hard to accept your naked body with so many images of approval that you don’t meet. So with the painting I’m reminded to love the skin I’m in each time I get out of the bath or shower.

Plus, I love being naked. Just ask my husband.

I am considering adding gold flakes as stretch marks to the stomach area. Let me know in the comments if you think I should!


Snake Plant Repotted

Let me start by saying I know very little about plants. Water and sun light is all, right? Well if that’s true then why do all my plants die?!

I’m kidding. They die because I can never remember what day they were watered and what’s enough sun light or too much sun light.

Add two kids under 5 and two dogs who take up most of my mental space to the reason why I can’t remember.

But I do give you readers who are like me hope!

Buy a snake plant. Seriously. Do it. They’re indestructible. I’ve neglected mine for weeks without water and it’s still flowering!

Here’s a step by step to me winging a transplant 🌱

Start by carrying it outside because who wants dirt all over the carpet?
Put the children to work! They’re standing next to you anyway.
Next use kitchen scissors to cut the plastic pot thing its been living in for over a year because you didn’t want to repot it.
Here’s what it will look like. You will feel like you’re not doing it right and that’s because you aren’t. You’re winging it, remember? Make it work!
See! That’s why we did it outside. Look at that dirt!
There she is! I have no idea if this is the right amount of sunlight but she’s happy. So I’m happy.

And there you have it friends! Plant advice from even your faux plants worst nightmare!


Basement Remodel

In February 2020 we moved into a new home. We went from a 1400 sq ft ranch to a 2500 sq ft Cape Cod with a finished basement. Little did we know just a couple weeks later Covid-19 would derail the world.

God has directed my husbands and my every decision in the moving process. I know it was His provision in selling our first home with no bumps or bruises along the way and finding our new home to raise our children in just before Covid hit.

Not long after we moved in, our appliances were delivered. We have always wanted a fridge with water and ice on the front door so when we finally got it I was eager to set it up.

After being persistent with my husband to set it up (having no experience prior) and being too impatient to wait for someone else who does have experience caused our finished basement to leak and need multiple repairs.

My husband is a hard worker and likes things done right with quality materials. We hired 2 different companies, one for the dry wall/paint and one for the tiles. They both had it finished in a reasonable time.

Moral of the story is to be patient and let a professional do the work if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Check out my other blog on the movie theater remodel!