Basement Remodel

In February 2020 we moved into a new home. We went from a 1400 sq ft ranch to a 2500 sq ft Cape Cod with a finished basement. Little did we know just a couple weeks later Covid-19 would derail the world.

God has directed my husbands and my every decision in the moving process. I know it was His provision in selling our first home with no bumps or bruises along the way and finding our new home to raise our children in just before Covid hit.

Not long after we moved in, our appliances were delivered. We have always wanted a fridge with water and ice on the front door so when we finally got it I was eager to set it up.

After being persistent with my husband to set it up (having no experience prior) and being too impatient to wait for someone else who does have experience caused our finished basement to leak and need multiple repairs.

My husband is a hard worker and likes things done right with quality materials. We hired 2 different companies, one for the dry wall/paint and one for the tiles. They both had it finished in a reasonable time.

Moral of the story is to be patient and let a professional do the work if you don’t know what you’re doing.

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