Snake Plant Repotted

Let me start by saying I know very little about plants. Water and sun light is all, right? Well if that’s true then why do all my plants die?!

I’m kidding. They die because I can never remember what day they were watered and what’s enough sun light or too much sun light.

Add two kids under 5 and two dogs who take up most of my mental space to the reason why I can’t remember.

But I do give you readers who are like me hope!

Buy a snake plant. Seriously. Do it. They’re indestructible. I’ve neglected mine for weeks without water and it’s still flowering!

Here’s a step by step to me winging a transplant 🌱

Start by carrying it outside because who wants dirt all over the carpet?
Put the children to work! They’re standing next to you anyway.
Next use kitchen scissors to cut the plastic pot thing its been living in for over a year because you didn’t want to repot it.
Here’s what it will look like. You will feel like you’re not doing it right and that’s because you aren’t. You’re winging it, remember? Make it work!
See! That’s why we did it outside. Look at that dirt!
There she is! I have no idea if this is the right amount of sunlight but she’s happy. So I’m happy.

And there you have it friends! Plant advice from even your faux plants worst nightmare!