Paris in America

Anyone who knows me knows I love French food, specifically baked goods like croissants and macarons (not macaroons).

My dream has always been to travel there and sit in a dreamy café with a hot coffee and croissant while taking in every moment.

Until that dream comes true, I wanted to share a little piece of Pairs I found (and worked at!) near me.

Promenade (Prom-en-ahh-de) Artisan Foods
Located in Trenton, Michigan.
My recent order from this week!
Working hard!
This. This coffee change my life. It is their signature drink called the Promenade. It features real maple syrup as the sweetener to a hot and freshly ground French press topped with handmade whip. You want it.
Manna in the making.
Almond Croissants 🥐
These are my gluten free diet weakness
My next weakness. Rosemary Shortbread. The literals GOAT of baked goods. Who would have thought rosemary, right?
Blueberry Muffins made with an entire bush of blueberries.
Macarons (not macaroons) my other weakness. If you can’t tell, I’m weak when it comes to French pastries!
Finally! A cinnamon roll that is actually good all the way around! You won’t find yourself picking just the middle out and throwing the rest in the trash.
Lastly, black French press (or pour over). Liquid gold. Pair it with any baked good pictured above and you’re lot soul will thrive. I’m kidding, only Jesus can do that.