Why Won’t It Work?

You know that anticipation when you’re trying to connect to WiFi and it just won’t work? Or when it does connect but the connection is so weak you can’t even refresh your Facebook page? You’d rather just not even go on your phone because the lagging isn’t worth your frustration.

Still, we try to refresh but nothing fresh comes up.

Just the same old drama from so & so’s mama. Failed Pinterest DIY’s from your Facebook friend but you still heart react it as you think how ugly it is. The girl who has it all but unknowingly she thinks the same about you when your staged picture hides the pile of unfolded laundry scattered on the floor just outside your cameras frame.

I believe our lives get like that at times because we have weak connections. To people. To habits. To stalking your ex’s page because you’re trying to see if they’re happy without you, but you know they’re not because they’re not with you (LOL). Seriously though, you know you’ve done it or at least thought about it.

What network are you connected to?

Is it labeled, “Self-Righteous5G”? Maybe it’s, “HappyOutside-HurtingInside24/7”. “I’mLyingToMySpouse911”. You get the point I’m trying to make. Your weak, unsecured and harmful connections are lagging and infecting your life.

Unsecured WiFi is usually weak and potentially dangerous. You shouldn’t access personal bank accounts or sensitive personal data on unsecured networks. Unless you want a virus/person invading your life.

Would you connect with a person who is like a virus? Invading and exposing your personal life, leaving you infected, in need of repair. Maybe the virus is self-rejection. Maybe even abuse. Heartache and destruction. The password that connected you is, “SearchingForAcceptanceAndLove.”

Isn’t that what we all want? To be accepted and loved.

If that’s you, it’s time to disconnect and be repaired. Although disconnecting only takes a little deleting and a few blocks, those painful memories don’t erase so clean. Kind of like the internet, once it’s out there, it’s ALWAYS out there.

You will drive by a car and hope it’s not who you think it is. Your boredom will tempt you with going on those sites again. Loneliness will push you to unblock them again. But once you disconnect and stay disconnected, you can cure those viruses that have infected every area of your life, your mind and your heart.

Healing comes once you find the secure connection. The one that has full bars and a strong password. I’ll share my password with you, “Capital J lower case e capital S lower case u capital S.” (Doesn’t everyone mix up their password letters like that? Lol)

The best thing about God’s WiFi is that it’s free, hacker-proof, strong and available to anyone who wants to join without weakening your connection. Once you’re connected to the source of life, self-rejection becomes self-love. The abuse you endured becomes the compassion to help others out of their abuse. What was wounded and destructed becomes whole and rebuilt.

But you have to stay connected.

“I am a true sprouting vine, and the farmer who tends the vine is my Father. He cares for the branches connected to me by lifting and propping up the fruitless branches and pruning every fruitful branch to yield a greater harvest. The words I have spoken over you have already cleansed you. So you must remain in life-union with me, for I remain in life-union with you. For as a branch severed from the vine will not bear fruit, so your life will be fruitless unless you live your life intimately joined to mine.”
‭‭John‬ ‭15:1-4‬ ‭TPT‬‬

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